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Our Resources

Let us help you

on your way to the top!

Making money with IFA online

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With IFA...Now YOU Can! The emphasis in the IFA Business Opportunity is in the transformation of people's lives through business skills development.

Getting started

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One of the things I love so much about network marketing is the people. As you listen to this training, pretend we’re sitting in your kitchen — or your living room, or your office — and we’re having a conversation about starting your network marketing business.

The Hottest Recruiting Scripts in MLM

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I’m so glad you took the important step of joining the Network Marketing Pro community and, as promised, here are some of the Hottest Recruiting Scripts in MLM.

It's the Magical Time for Network Marketing

The thing that most people don’t understand about Network Marketing right now is how early it still is. Yes, we’re doing almost $200 billion in combined revenue around the world.

The First Step For Network Marketing Success

Every day someone new joins network marketing. Every day someone wonders if they have what it will take to make it to the top.